What I'm Doing Right Now

This is my "Now" page.  I got this idea from Derek Sivers.  Most websites have an "about" page, but it is static and shouldn't really change often.   The now page is the opposite... it is dynamic, updated frequently, and more about what I'm doing, learning or working on at this moment.

Last updated 16 September, 2023...


  • I'm still consulting and on a temporary assignment in The Woodlands near Houston, TX.

Thinking About:

  • Thinking about blogging and digital creation.  I'm having a lot of fun with the blog.  Over on the business side I am working on building some training, so video creation is in the works next.  

What I'm Reading

  • I just finished "Flip the Switch" by Michael Burt.  Look for a book summary on this one in the next month or so.  I'm still digesting notes but a key idea is unlocking "prey drive" which is what causes us to pursue goals... this is essentially our dopamine cycle that tells humans to go hunt and forage for food. By redirecting this you can learn to enjoy the pursuit of big goals and ideas.  It has elements of John Wooden and James Clear... good stuff.
  • I started reading Chris Martenson's "The Crash Course".  I read the prior version of the book and found it very thought provoking around the topics of the three "E"s (Energy, Economy, and Environment) and how exponential functions in each system has implications on the future.

What I'm Learning

  • About a month into playing the Guitar.  My goal is to pick it up every day and play for at least a chord or two.  Focusing on building the habit first.  So far so good.  Have a few chords now and am working on a Travis pick pattern as meditation and after work unwind.. I love it.  

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