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Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park

After having so much fun at the Hoh Rainforest a few weeks back, we made a return trip to Olympic National Park to visit Shi Shi Beach.  It is still February and it even snowed in the Seattle area last week... but we got lucky and caught a much appreciated patch of sunshine.  

The photography project I started in December is still going strong and I am still shooting with the Rebel T1.  Since then I have added a lightweight tripod to my pack, picked up a polarizing lens and am slowly figuring out how to use this stuff.

The walk in is a nice, flat trail with the only obstacle being a few mud pits along the way.  This is the type of hike that we would have loved to take our kids on when they were younger... not to long, not to steep, and a great mixture of rain forest, sand and tidal pools at the end.    

Here are a few of the photo results:

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