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Grinch Run In the Can

Around the end of the year I drop into planning and goal setting mode.  The holidays disrupt my routine and the PNW rain and snow tend to make me reflect on how I used the sunshine over the last twelve months, and if I used it wisely.

The combination of slower pace and light deprivation forces me to think about goals, not just professionally but also which hikes, races, sails and other projects should be in the hopper for the upcoming year.  For the second or third time now, the Snohomish grinch run has really kicked that process into the next gear.

Although it is still 2022, I like to think of the Chase the Grinch out of Snohomish run as the kickoff to the new running season.  It's a cool milestone that is roughly 100 days to prepare for the Milltown run (I like to think of it as the running of the gulls).  Once you get Milltown, spring is around the corner and if you are knocking out 10Ks while it is raining sideways, you are more than ready for alpine switchbacks, steep trails and adventures on the water.

So, this years grinch run is in the can and it did not dissappoint.  Snow, ice, some tree branches in the course due to a recent storm, and a jogging grinch.  What more could you ask for.  

And now I'm inspired, and compiling a list of races, trails and sails that I need to work on this summer.  Hears to a happy 2023!

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