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The Project List

Below is a living list of projects that are either works in process or queued up in the hopper as bucket list items.  I find that keeping a list of near-term and long term goals like this that I can refer to increases the probability that I will actually get around to completing them.  

This list was inspired by the Tim Ferriss "Dreamlining" method where you:

"...list up to five things you dream of having (including, but not limited to, material wants: house, car, clothing, etc.),being (be a great cook, be fluent in Chinese, etc.), and doing (visiting Thailand, tracing your roots overseas, racing ostriches, etc.), in that order..." ~ Tim Ferriss

I love the dreamlining idea because it forces you to think big, but I took some liberty and freestyled a bit.  The list below has some lofty goals, but also some easily achievable things, making it a running To-Do list of things that I want to accomplish over the next five or so years.  

This is a non-professional list... Although this blog does cover things I have learned in the workplace, the focus here is purely non-work interests.  My list is grouped as follows:

  • things i want to do
  • things i want to have
  • things i want to be
  • things i want to see

Things I want to do

  • Sail/cruise from WA to Alaska along the inside passage,
  • Hike all WA sections of the PCT (Stehekin to Rainy pass is done).
  • Summit Mt Whitney (I made it up to 12000 feet with my oldest daughter, would love a re-match)
  • Sail to Princess Louisa inlet in British Columbia
  • Sign up for a training course or coaching from an author who has shifted my thinking (Michael Hyatt, Tiago Forte, Mark Moss, Tim Ferriss, etc.)

Things I want to have

Things I want to be

  • A decent outdoor photographer - would love to upgrade my game.  I have alot of great adventures under my belt but I'm not so good at capturing them.
  • A capable sailor.  Once you get a sailboat out of a marina it's an affordable way to travel.  This is actually part of my retirement plan, so learning how to safely sail in all kinds of conditions is a goal.
  • A decent blogger - trying to get better at learning, sharing and connecting.
  • A published author - even if it is a simple kindle book.  I told my college room mate I would be an author someday and he thought it was quite funny.  Thus far he is right, but I have not given up.

Things I want to see

  • Aurora borealis
  • The southern and northern terminus of the PCT
  • Hall of Mosses, Olympic National Park
  • R2AK start party
  • The Movie Shawshank Redemption - for some reason this has been on the list since 2017 and I haven't gotten around to it

This is a living list... things on my mind going in to 2023.  I will keep this on the "about" menu and update it as I go.

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